Nearly Everyone Knows the PDRC Protesters are Armed

A Thai state-owned public broadcaster, MCOT, released the following news:-

Thailand’s army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha today called on the government to urgently end the widening use of weapons to attack protesters, judges, independent agencies and state office buildings. He said the use of weapons, whether on protesters or the authorities, was a serious offence against the law while anti-government protesters must be warned against intruding into government property or using weapons against the authorities.

Releasing an official statement on Channel 5 – the army television station, Gen Prayuth said the army is concerned with the safety of the Thai people given the intensifying situation which is resulting in more deaths and injuries.  

“Today, the army tried to discuss with the prime minister, national police chief, Center for Maintaining Peace and Order and all protesting groups to jointly end violence and hunt for culprits who have aggressively used war weapons.

“It is responsibility of the state, military and police officials, and all quarters to prevent and crack down on violent activities which have become more serious and led to massive damage in the country.”

The Thai army knows the gunmen and assailants are armed. The Caretaker Government, with all the political parties, know that. The inhabitants of Bangkok knows that also. But a week ago the Thai Civil Court is still holding on to their belief that the PDRC mob are unarmed. The Court had stated at last week’s Wednesday ruling that safety measures imposed by the Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order (CMPO) had violated the rights of the protesters and that these rules have no legal binding to the mob.

The Civil Court cited an earlier ruling of the Constitutional Court that the PDRC rally is peaceful and without weapons.

But as everyone, except the Courts, know the violence and intimidation committed by the PDRC and unidentified assailants have caused the deaths and injuries of law enforcers, protesters, bystanders and journalists.

Today a policeman who was shot in the head during the violent clash at Phan Fah Bridge in Bangkok died. He was pronounced dead in the afternoon at the Police Hospital.

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