Conspiracy of Democrat-controlled Bangkok

CCTV at Asoke and Ratchaprasong – both rally sites in Bangkok – pointed upwards. (See: picture)

Surveillance of the city is the responsibility of Democrat-controlled ‎Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA). ‎For more than 8 years, the people of Thailand’s capital city have seen increase of crime and corruption. BMA as a governing body has failed to counter air pollution, traffic and crony-influence management of public services and public tenders of special projects (such as the building of the disastrous futsal stadium and dredging of canals.)

Before and during the crackdown of “Red Shirt” demonstrators in Bangkok 2010, the BMA boycotted calls for neutrality and city hall had work against the demonstrations. Many attribute this to the Democrat Party’s strong influence in BMA. As for the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) presence since November of last year, they have been receiving moral and technical support from BMA. In light of PDRC’s stand on anti-government and anti-democracy, it appears that BMA intends to continue supporting the neo-fascist movement to topple the caretaker Government.

BMA, at many PDRC rally sites, have provided free mobile lights, power generators, bus-toilets and cleaning facilities. The Bangkok Governor, who is one of the core leadership members of the Democrat Party, has also allowed PDRC to operate street businesses which sells PDRC patriotic merchandise and illegal (counterfeit) goods. This clearly affects legitimate business owners and the PDRC riots have left the economy in a sadden state of decline. This is also a violation of the laws.

It’s not unfair to say that BMA is clearly favouring a Democrat-endorsed insurrection to overthrow democracy. While many middle class inhabitants of Bangkok support the BMA’s stand on PDRC, this is because it serves a political interest. Bangkok is still seen as the mecca of elitist-back opposition. BMA have not proven they are capable of being transparent and fair to all. Some would say that BMA is trying to become the shadow government of the country while PDRC serves as their army.

This strange CCTV incident serves as a reminder for us that PDRC controls more than what the naked eye can see. ‎The truth is hidden in the war rooms of the Democrat Party, while the BMA and the Governor pretend that they serve all regardless of their political stand.

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