Bangkok facing violence from anti-democracy mob

Bangkok saw heightened violence on Friday as the rightwing People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) ‎promises their mainly middle and upper-class followers a chance to abolish the rule of law and instigate an insurrection to remove the caretaker Government.

An explosion on Friday night in Bangkok resulted in the injury of at least six people. Political confrontations with armed mob has disrupted Thailand’s security and economical development. Tourism experts have warned that the country is facing a lost of £1.6 billion if the violent protests drags on.

Anti-democracy protesters, led by PDRC chief Suthep Thaugsuban, and the country’s oldest political party demand the abolishment of legislative bodies and democratic process. Mr. Suthep has repeated called for the immediate installation of an unelected council.

Erawan emergency medical centre confirmed that six people had been injured in an explosion. There was no immediate update on their condition. Thai social media speculated that the explosion was caused by a grenade or an improvised explosive device thrown by people to ‎worsen the situation.


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