Silent Coup D’etat in the Land of Smiles

‎While the people of Thailand are familiar with the traditional coup d’etat, when tanks and armoured vehicles occupy strategic locations in the capital city, presently we see the silent coup d’etat being orchestrated by the oldest political party of the country. The Democrat Party has help from right wing independent organisations, one such is the self declared People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) and fledgling allies like the communist movement and industrious businessmen.

The silent coup is an organised campaign to remove the Government of Yingluck Shinawatra, under the pretext of corruption, and to abolish democracy. Even with increasing violence among the PDRC mob and the introduction of chaos into a way of life, the fear of a silent coup has replaced ‎the fear of a traditional coup. This happened after the 2 February 2014. ‎Democrats and PDRC fascists was hoping the Thai army would block the legally binding election and a coup d’etat would have elevated the opposition to power. Since this did not happen, the silent coup is now on the top of the opposition’s Checklist.

Yingluck’s Caretaker Government is a legitimate establishment, before and after the elections. ‎Even with public and private criticism it cannot be denied that the establishment follows the rule of law, and in a democracy the Government is elected by the majority or Rule by the Majority. Any acts to remove the choice of the people constitutes an unconstitutional and blatant abuse of human rights. For whatever reason the opposition and right wing groups have, they must follow the rule of law which is enshrined in our constitution, democratic traditions and international framework. If these are not followed then we may as well introduce anarchy in the name of so-called reforms.

Yingluck Shinawatra is the first woman Prime Minister of Thailand. She is also the first woman Defence Minister in our long history of male-dominated politics. In the election of 2011, we saw the landslide victory of Yingluck’s party and the decline of the Democrat Party after their violent Bangkok crackdown in 2010 ‎that left nearly 100 people dead and over 2000 people wounded. Our people, the majority, had enough of right wing politicians and their violent policies of mass corruption and crackdowns.

‎The silent coup is threatening the freedom of choice. It creates a atmosphere of terror especially for the population outside of Bangkok. Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban, the former MP of Democrat Party and who is presently facing a serious charge of mass murder, has for months taken his “Yellow Shirts” into Bangkok and is violently trying to destabilise the Government and remove democracy. Mr. Suthep talks about reforms but he does not have any blueprint for stability and for economic growth. Mr. Suthep encourages violence to remove Yingluck and her family from the nation. Are such acts democratic and just? Mr. Suthep claims Yingluck is corrupt but is he trying to divert attention away from his corruption and unethical business practices?

The silent coup is not about justice. It is not about liberty. It is not democracy. PDRC and the Democrat Party needs absolute power. Only by a silent coup can an unelected council of unethical politicians and businessmen enjoy the fruits of a corrupted nightmare of the smiling greed.

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