Suthep wants all trace of the Shinawatra machine gone

I read Lennox Samuels article “Anti-Thaksin Protesters Are Thailand’s Tea Partiers” with interest. He said:

But Thailand is supposed to be a democracy. Didn’t Yingluck and her Pheu Thai Party win 265 seats in the 500-seat Parliament in the 2011 election? Didn’t they almost sweep Thaksin’s strongholds in the North and Northeast? Didn’t they win about 15 million votes versus the Democrat Party’s approximately 11 million? Yes, yes and yes. Then in what universe can such a government “lack legitimacy?”

The Thai Democrats and the rich elites do not want to understand about democracy. In fact, they with their allies the Yellow Shirts, do not want the system of democracy to be legitimate.

Lennox also said:

Inconveniently, if Yingluck stepped down and called fresh elections tomorrow, she— and Pheu Thai—would win again. And again. That’s why Suthep has declared that it would not be enough for the prime minister to resign and call new elections. He wants all trace of the Shinawatra machine gone. He wants Yingluck to quit, dissolve Parliament and be replaced temporarily by an unelected people’s council and an interim prime minister more acceptable to protesters. That would be followed by some kind of reform that would make it impossible for the Shinawatras to ever win again.

With the current political sentiments, many continue to support and sympathize with Yingluck’s Government. Election is the right of the people, but trying to force an elected Government to surrender to a mob is in itself a violation of human rights. Trying to force the Government, that was elected by the majority, to disband and allow an unelected “People’s Council” to run Thailand is a moral failure to democracy.

People wonder why Suthep is anxious to remove democracy. Is this the making of a dictator?

Suthep's mob attacking a bus that was transporting "Red Shirt" gov't supporters

Suthep’s mob attacking a bus that was transporting “Red Shirt” gov’t supporters


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