Thai armed forces seeking solutions

Thailand’s Supreme Commander said he will meet with the commanders of the three armed forces after the celebration of the king’s birthday on December 5 to find a solution as the death toll from political unrest has risen to four with more than two hundred persons injured.

Air Force commander-in-chief Air Chief Marshal Prachin Chanthong said Supreme Commander Gen Thanasak Patimakorn will convene meeting of the armed forces chiefs to find way out of the crisis after December 5. ACM Prachin expressed confidence that the situation will not escalate to bloodshed.

As reported in MCOT:

Army chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha pledged the army would not become involved in the political crisis as it must be solved through political means. He said the military will simply monitor the situation from a distance.

While it is a healthy standard for the armed forces to not get involved in the politics and the administration of the country, in the minds of most, it is perceived the military is very involved in influencing politicians, corporations and public.

Suthep Thaugsuban himself has many times mentioned about the armed forces when he was on stage at Democracy Monument. His underlings have repeatedly mentioned that some elements of the army was supportive of the anti-democracy movement. If this is untrue, the authorities, especially the armed forces must reprimand Suthep for his irresponsible behavior of spreading rumors that have inflamed the anxiety of the Thai people.


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