European Union hopes for democracy, peace in Thailand

The European Union has come out to express the block’s concerns over the current political turmoil in Thailand.

The EU delegation in Thailand issued a statement on December 2nd stating the EU was strongly committed to the principles of democratic governance, the rule of law and freedom of expression. The statement also said that it was saddened to see the loss of life and the escalation of violence of the previously peaceful demonstrations during the past weekend.

It also said that it was very concerned to see the siege of public office buildings, television broadcasting stations, and intimidation of the media by the demonstration groups.

The statement also praised what it called the restrained and proportionate response. The EU said it hoped to see all parties finding a peaceful solution and moving forward within the democratic and constitutional framework of Thailand.

Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra paying homage to a potrait of His Majesty the King


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