Rule of Law: Safeguarding the public from a violent mob

Thailand’s Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra Monday announced the expansion of the country’s Internal Security Act to the whole of Bangkok, Nontaburi province and Bangpli district in Samutprakarn province which borders Bangkok.

Suvarnabhumi International Airport is located in the Bangpli district and the move to impose the ISA is seen as to prevent protestors from occupying it.

Before the announcement, the ISA had been imposed in three Bangkok districts – Phra Nakhon, Dusit and Pomprap Sattruphai.

The expansion of the ISA is effective Monday until Dec 31, and was made after thousands of opposition anti-democracy protestors started to occupy at least two ministries in a move to step up their political coup to force Yingluck to resign.

They occupied the premises of the Ministry of Finance and the Foreign Ministry, but the police and security forces did not intervene in a move to prevent any violence.

Earlier, Yingluck had insisted that she would not dissolve the parliament or resign as demanded by the protestors and was ready for a no-confidence debate on her scheduled for Nov 26- 27, which she believed would be a productive deliberation.


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