How will the Democrat Party regain their Autocrat power?

There has been a rapid formation of anti-Government informal groups in Bangkok. It has always been in Bangkok, the core power base of the Democrat Party. The simplicity of politics, where the politicians of a dwindling party but those with the character of the prosperous and rich, has overturn the inclination that our country is moving towards democracy. The Democrat Party has no interest to enable the masses with their right towards democratic systems. We know that if given another election, they would lose because their core power-base is the city and scattered in some provinces of the Deep South.

Even as I write this, the Blue Sky channel is showing a live telecast of Suthep making bold threats to the elected legislative body. He has no fear tonight, surrounded by his elite supporters in the city and wearing his signature clothes of black. Many of his followers have promised harm on the Shinawatra family and those who are perceived as related. Truth is I am scared. I am frightened of what will happen if politicians like him and his type forcibly take power using undemocratic means.

This is the chance for them. The Democrats and their allies are on an all-out aggression to rock the boat. Remove the elected-Government by creating chaos on the streets, threatening harm to the public. Let us not forget the Democrat’s boogie-man, Thaksin Shinawatra. Every breath of the anti-democracy leadership is against Thaksin. It is easy for them to blame one man for the problems of a race and nation. It is impossible for the Democrats to point at themselves and admit their flaws and their own corrupted practices.

If the Democrats cannot champion their causes on a democratic platform, then surely they will use the “Egytian Solution” by trying to corrupt the army to their side and if that fails, utilizing the mob, now infamously known as the Men in Black, to terrorize the city and its inhabitant.


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