Thai Airways: airline passenger privacy breach

Almost a year ago, an air stewardess revealed her intention of embarrassing the daughter of an ex-Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, on en route from Bangkok to Hong Kong.

Hate speech along with the revealing of private airline information to the public had caused much distress to Cathay Pacific airline and the passenger but the matter ended with the stewardess resigning from her post.

Today, Thai Airways, the national flag carrier of Thailand, is caught in a similar situation. An unprincipled member of the airline released confidential information about its passenger, and worse still, this was used by a member of the Democrat Party, Anchalee Paireerak, who announced the flight information on stage to a roaring anti-government crowd.

It is hurtful to see privacy of passengers violated to satisfy the political agendas of politicians and I find it shocking the frequent use of hate speech. In Thailand, the minority opposition has frequently targeted family members of their opponents in a blatant display of harassment.

(article initally appeared in CNN’s iReport before it was blocked)

thai airways drama



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