Preah Vihear: Commitment towards responsible reporting

The Union Media of Asian (UMA) hosted a meeting in Sa Kaew’s Arunyaprathet district between press members of Thailand and Cambodia in a bid to ensure objective and transparent reporting of the upcoming verdict regarding Preah Vihear.

Press members have reached a consensus that the coverage of the November 11 ruling will be focused on peace-building and will refrain from sensationalizing the event.

The union has urged members to avoid fanning the conflict with news reports so as to prevent the repeat of violence that took place in 2003, in which the Thai embassy was torched amid anti-Thai demonstrations in Phnom Penh.

As Thai I hope that Thai news agencies, specially The Nation, practice responsible journalism and report accurately. The Nation is known for its inflammatory-style propaganda and political sensationalism as certain decision-makers within the agency has been known for their affiliation to neo-fascist groups. The last incident saw The Nation receiving a harsh response from the spokesperson of the Cambodian Government.




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