South rioters stoning the police force

A mob attacked the police in the south, where groups of rubber farmers who had agreed to a compromise on the prices of rubber had then renegaded on the deal with the government.

70 people have been injured and 11 police vehicles burnt in the dispersion of rubber farmer protesters at the Kuan Nong Hong intersection, Cha-uat District, Nakhon Si Thammarat province.

According to Police Major General Piya Uthayo, spokesman of Royal Thai Police, there were approximately 1,500 protesters, as expected by the police. Protesters usually gather in the evening until night and the number decreases around 10 pm to morning.

Pol Maj Gen. Piya has reassured that the police have been on duty to make sure that the protest is carried out in a peaceful manner in line with the government’s order. However, the situation got out of hand when demonstrators began to use weapons. Police were forced to retaliate, firing tear gas into the mob to disperse them, which is the practice acceptable by the international standard; no weapons were used.

As for the damage from the clash, police stations were bombarded with rocks, 11 vehicles were burnt, and 70 people, mostly police officers, were injured.

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