Cambodia spokesman blast Thai newspaper for bias-reporting and lies [UPDATED]

Cambodia is angry. Not with the Thai people or the Government but with a Bangkok-based national English newspaper “The Nation” that is controlled by the Democrat Party, cronies and the Opposition Head. The Cambodian Government Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Koy Kuong said:

The Nation has shot itself right in the foot…

Nation Cambodia

Full letter: The Nation 10-09-2013

Its not the first time the Nation has shown poor judgment and ill-advised analysis. I wrote about journalism in CNN iReport: Thai Journalism Spoiled by Sensationalism.

Can we expect the Nations’ Editor in Chief to apologize or will the newspaper continue to spread more lies and dumbfounded articles to purposely antagonize the Cambodia Government and their people?

UPDATE (September 13, 2013)

Another letter from the spokesman, in a very very condemning tone. Recommended read: Cambodia criticizes Thailand’s The Nation

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