Opposition leader Abhisit’s sexism slammed

UPDATE: my comment was quoted by Global Voice Online’s article entitled “Thailand’s Ex-Prime Minister Criticized for ‘Stupid Bitch’ Remark

Abhisit Stupid Bitch

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Opposition Leader and Democrat Party chief Abhisit Vejjajiva has come under fire for making insulting remarks widely believed to refer to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. Abhisit and members of the political party have failed many times in the past to show sensitivity and concerns for the opposite gender, with their constant sexist ridicule of the PM.

Abhisit Sexism

According to the Bangkok Post:

if there was to be a stupid woman contest, then no one could compete with Ms Yingluck

Though that was what the newspaper watered down. The term he used was not “woman” but instead he had called her a “stupid bitch”. Abhisit made the degrading remark referring to the first female Prime Minister and the local reality show called “Smart Lady Thailand

When Yingluck and her Government is try so hard to eradicate negative attitudes of men towards women and instill respect in line with human rights, the opposition party has resorted to mud-slinging, gender hate speech and their brand of sexism. Despite being educated in United Kingdom all his childhood life, Abhisit failed in separating politics from his deep-rooted resentment for Yingluck.

Women, regardless of the nationality, are entitled to live in dignity and from fear. I do not think Abhisit will ever call his mother, wife, daughter and sisters “bitch” so why brand her that?

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