Rubber woes hide a deeper problem in the south of Thailand

Political stability can not be achieved without national reconciliation. Politicians from all parties know this fact. Reconciliation is a rolling plan. It is a democratic right. But some do not want to see the existence of democracy and peace in Thailand.

rubber protest in the south

In the wake of the recent protests in the south province of Thailand, we see rubber protesters blocking roads and railways. There has been incidents of shooting and physical violence among inter-rival group members.

The Democrat Party was quick to accuse the Government of sending army snipers to murder protesters but this is not the case. The dead was shot at point-blank range and killed by those who took the chance to remove a rival.

Fuel smuggling has increased from across the border. Democrat Party has been in power in the south [and let us not forget in the Deep South] for an extensive time. Crime, drug trafficking and insurgency has been a knowing problem for these Members of Parliament who are in charged of their constituency.

So its safe to ask:- After all this time what have the Democrats been doing and why have they failed to introduce development for their voters?

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