Thai Patriotic Network gone amok against the Police

A judge in the Thai Court of Appeals has abandoned her ethics and reason to ram her car into metal barrier. Her behavior is unbecoming of a judge, and has made a mockery of her learned peers and tarnished the reputation of the court. From gjbkk blog, it states:

Suwan Chidchanok a judge of the Court of Appeals lost her temper when her car was taken and impounded by the police after it was found illegally parked and blocking a Road causing a huge traffic jam not far from a “red shirts” rally in support of Somyot Prueksakasemsuk  a magazine editor who in 2013 was sentenced to eleven year’s imprisonment for LM. 

Judge Suwan, is a well known anti-government activist and a member of the extreme right Thai Patriotic Network  and was involved in the incident when police arrested a “yellow shirt” Royal Thai Army soldier who lay down in front of the Defense Ministry to block P.M. Yingluck Shinawatra from entering the building last Thursday

As reported by the Bangkok Post:

Bang Khen traffic police had towed her car, with Ms Chidchanok still sitting in it, to remove the obstruction.

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