ASEAN community discussion with Thai ambassadors, governors

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has called on provincial governors and Thai ambassadors to ASEAN nations to integrate local strategies with ASEAN Community pillars, particularly in economic and socio-cultural integration.

During her meeting with the governors and Thai ambassadors in Bangkok, Miss Yingluck asked the participants to make sure that everybody under their responsibilities are ready for the regional integration. She urged them to use this stage in exchanging information crucial to the realization of ASEAN Community which will become concrete in less than 2 years. She reiterated that Thailand needs to adjust its strategies on economy, social affairs, culture, laws, and politics, to be in line with the ASEAN standard.

Miss Yingluck said the country’s infrastructure needs to be developed in order to connect Thailand with other ASEAN nations. Once the infrastructural project is completed, she said, labor and goods transfers will be a lot easier.

The Prime Minister also ordered all governors to study cultures and languages of other ASEAN nations in order to truly understand their needs. She added the emerging ASEAN Economic Community would provide Thailand with a wider market for its renowned OTOP products.

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