Our Coup is Different: Anand Panyarachun

There has been some comparison between Thailand’s history of coups and Egypt. The Bangkok Post article on this is a twisted perversion of history and a denial of the suppression of liberty.

He was picked by the few in an undemocratic manner to be made PM twice

The United Nations said this about Anand where the use of the diplomatic flair and political spin has painted him to be a hero:

Following the military take-over in February 1991, Anand was invited to serve as Prime Minister of Thailand in March 1991. While reluctant to assume that political position in the aftermath of the extra-constitutional process, Anand was convinced that by assuming the position, he could help lead Thailand back to the path of democracy.


Anand was nominated by the President of the Parliament to again assume the Prime Ministership for the second time. His nomination, was widely welcomed by the public, and was endorsed by Royal Proclamation on 10 June 1992.

But to put things into perspective, a coup d’etat is defined as “a sudden and decisive action in politics, esp. one resulting in the change of government illegally or by force.”

In a coup, there is no democracy, there is no rule of majority, there is no democratic accountability and there is no freedom of choice.


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