Connecting Europe and Asia: Yingluck in Turkey

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has met with Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to discuss trade and investment opportunities. Yingluck has assured Erdogan that Thailand would give its full support to the Turkey’s “New Silk Road” project aiming at connecting Europe and Asia.

YL in Turkey

Both prime ministers spoke after having discussed with each other. PM Yingluck said the talk mainly focused on trade and investment in which both parties strongly agreed to increase trade volume and trade value within 5 years’ time. The two parties also discussed possibilities of promoting Thailand-Turkey free trade agreement which will have to be studied first at this initial stage. The move is aimed to increase trade value to 1.5 billion baht. During her visit to Turkey, Yingluck also led a group of Thai entrepreneurs in the fields of energy, automobile and parts, halal food, construction, and textile, to Turkey as she sees the country as a potential market for Thailand.

The Thai premier also expressed her interests in the “New Silk Road” project which is aimed at connecting the two regions, Asia and Europe, together. Yingluck also had a chance to see the Turkey’s Marmaray, a rail transport project in Istanbul.

Before parting, the Thai Premier thanked Prime Minister Erdogan for a warm welcome and asked him to pay her a visit in Thailand in the near future.

Yingluck in Turkey

Yingluck with the Imam at the Blue Mosque


Yingluck and Muslim Girls

Yingluck surrounded by girls, in a pose.


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