The Face Behind “V for Thailand”

The ‘V for Thailand’ or infamously called the “White Mask” group has announced their decision to temporarily halt their planned rallies. The group has proven to be ineffective in garnering a united stand on their issues. Weekend protests have led many to think that the group is championed by ultra-nationalists, neo-fascists (Pitak Siam) and communists. According to the grapevine, even members of the Deep South terrorist groups are using the “Guy Fawkes” symbol as an act of resistance and revolt against the Thai Government.

V for Pattani

A symbol used by terrorist to revolt against the Thai Gov’t

The masses are wondering about the confusion of the group’s political motivation which has made many believe that they seek the removal of democracy in Thailand. Peaceful assembly is the right of all in Thailand, in accordance to the laws of the country and the deep-rooted faith in human rights. The presence of club-wielding White Mask demonstrators during the rallies and criminals using the masks have sparked an outcry of distrust. People are wondering why the need for clubs and steel bars when the police are there to protect them and the general public.

The White Mask says it represents people’s power urging peaceful opposition to what they have dubbed as parliamentary monopoly and corruption but that in itself is contradictory of justice. The removal of a legitimate Government in an army coup in 2006, the violent suppression of Red Shirt demonstrators in 2010 and the abuse of power by the former Prime Minister, Abhisit Vejjajiva, are still conveniently forgotten or pushed aside by the White Mask.

In truth what you can find behind the White Mask are the trappings of the Yellow Shirts and members of the Democrat Party, in alliance with the communists and neo-fascists puppets. A partnership of Elitism.


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