Thailand in a Global Competitive Economy

In 2011, unprecedented floods in Thailand cost its economy US$45 billion, according to the World Bank, and triggered disruptions to many global supply chains.

Europe, USA and China

Europe, USA and China

There are many economical challenges that affects countries in the region. The Government of Thailand is determined to overcome them with considerations such as bridging the gap between the rich and poor and increasing equal opportunities for all.

Since 2011, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has both prioritized the accessibility of Government funds to the people and setting standards of smart partnership between corporations and the masses.

This has been seen on many occasions where economically-disadvantaged provinces are set with key performance indicators and a sustainable system of monitoring.

Thailand now is different from the regime of Abhisit Vejjajiva where Bangkok was the only province prioritized in economical growth. Yingluck endeavors to continue with her Government’s success, overcome the challenges of corruption and red-tape to enable Thais and businesses to grow.

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