A Troubling Week in Thai Politics

It has been a very very troubling week. The drama tied to politics is infuriating to many. It is clear that regardless of the achievements and challenges faced by the Government, the opposition and the Elites are determine to dismantle democratic process.

There was the Guy Fawkes rally in Bangkok which saw masked members of the Democrat Party, the communists in their dark brown uniforms and the Yellow Shirts covering themselves with pink t-shirts.

The trinity provoked the public with banners and slogans about removing an elected Government by show of force and not via a democratic process which is a national election.

Some say it is about anti-Thaksin movement but I do not think so. There was enough from what we saw to know it is about beating the democratic system through a show of force and threats. As long as the Government holds majority votes, the opposition party has no chance to wrestle the power, unless they call the army for another coup (as in 2006) or an intervention of a higher authority.

Then there was some who said it was about anti-corruption but again I don’t think so. Rampant abuse of power, and corruption within the Democrat Party, the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) and the coalition of corporate cronies, goes unchecked. Is it because they accuse Yingluck Shinawatra’s Government of corruption to hide their dirty skeletons in the closet?

To my eyes, the Thai Guy Fawkes episode is a whitewash organized by the leadership of this trinity. Thai politics is all about adapting quickly to ambush the enemy in an unethical manner, and the opposition knows this. They are specialists in the subject matter of brutal confrontation while all the while they talk about civil liberty.

As the trinity justifies their acts of wanting the removal of democratic process, the more the Thai people will resist. The Democrat Party has even rallied foreigners and expatriates living in their power base, Bangkok, to smear lies about the Thai Prime Minister and the chosen officials.

It is fruitless to try to explain Thai politics and tactics at one go. It is too abnormal to try.

But many are steadfast in giving the Government a chance because they were given the mandate of administering the country by the majority.

Clearly the Democrat Party does not care about the voices of the majority. They are interested in the Elite few and how big their pockets will become if they were to run the Government.

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