New Zealand Cultural Exchange Students

Thai Ambassador in Wellington Noppadon Theppitak has led a team of exchanged New Zealand students to meet with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra at the government house, welcoming the foreign guests into the land of smile.

The students are members of the volunteers in the program to promote the use of English among Thais, and students from the Thai – New Zealand cultural exchange program.

The premier expressed her admiration in the students’ enthusiasm in learning the Thai language and cultures, while thanking all the Thai foster families for welcoming and taking care of their Caucasian guests.

A representative of the exchange students in turn related his experiences in Thailand in terms of foods, people, and culture.

According to Prime Minister Yingluck, not only have the programs proven to have effectively tightened the bilateral relations between the two nations in education and citizen levels, but have also played important roles in promoting English and foreign cultures among Thai youths.

She added that these programs also served as catalysts for Thailand competitiveness enhancement when the country officially joined ASEAN Economic Community in 2015. She expressed her hopes that such good exchange programs would continue and expand in the future.


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