Trip Index Cities 2013: Bangkok ranks 2nd in Asia and 6th in the world

Trip Index Cities 2013: Bangkok ranks 2nd in Asia and 6th in the world

Trip Advisor reveals that Bangkok ranks second place in Asia and the 6th in the world as the city with the lowest expenses for nightlife tourism. 

Trip Advisor, a large global tourist information website stated the results from the Trip Index Cities 2013. The index compared tourist’s nightlife expenses, including the expense for one night accommodation for two travelers, in major tourist cities all over the world. 

The accommodation prices are compared using a 4 star hotel standard, and taking into account prices for cocktail drinks and a two course meal dinner with a bottle of wine, along with return taxi fares at an average of 3.2 kilometres each trip. 

In Asia the lowest costing night tourist destination is Hanoi, Vietnam, with a calculated average of 5,045baht per night. Meanwhile, Thailand’s average cost turns out at 5,774baht. As for Asia’s highest expense for nightlife, Singapore tops the rank at 11,489 baht, being only 3.45baht higher than Japan in second rank. 

As for the world rank, Sofia, Bulgaria ranks first place as the world’s cheapest destination for nightlife expenses at an average of 4,542 baht, while Oslo, Norway tops the world’s rank for most expensive, at 16,661baht, followed by Zurich, Switzerland. 

From the survey, Asia results as the world’s lowest costing region for nightlife touring. Up to four out of ten from the top ten ranking of lowest costing tourist destination cities are in Asian countries, with Hanoi ranking second, Bangkok at sixth, Kuala Lumpur at seventh and Riyadh, the tenth. 

Europe results as the world’s highest costing region for tourists, with six European countries in the top ten highest expenses for nightlife cities index. The number one rank going to Oslo, Zurich second, Stockholm third, Paris fifth, London seventh, and Copenhagen at eighth.


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