Thai communists wearing Guy Fawkes masks

It is very interesting to see how Thai communists are now wearing the Guy Fawkes masks along with their uniforms. It is more interesting to see that these young men and women stand side by side with their political allies – the Yellow Shirts (or commonly known as PAD) and members of the Democrat Party to demonstrate against former Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra.

Screen Shot

Rumors of being paid handsomely for their presence and their masks are making their usual hits in the Thai grapevine but in actual fact, I for one want to know why would communists ally themselves with the ultra-PADs who support an ideology far different and removed than Marxism.

Or have they forgotten how nationalists in the past have violently purged the communist party and their members in Thailand?

Communists in Thailand

2 thoughts on “Thai communists wearing Guy Fawkes masks

  1. I didn’t realize Communists were still active. I thought they disbanded by in the ’70’s with a government pardon. I take it they are not very influential right now?

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