Yingluck: boosting economy, infrastructure in four Thai provinces

Yingluck: boosting economy, infrastructure in four Thai provinces

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has visited 4 lower northern provinces and assigned Cabinet ministers accompanying her on the trip to focus on developing the economy and infrastructure of these provinces.

According to Prime Minister’s Office spokesman Thirat Rattanasewi, the roving Cabinet meeting in Kamphaengphet province resolved to place importance in the local cash crops such as rice, sugar cane and casava. Prime Minister’s Office Minister Warathep Rattanakorn was assigned to oversee improvement of the quality of these crops in the locality, so they may be readily sold to processing plants. The Cabinet ministers also expressed interest in developing tourism in the locale.

The Cabinet also resolved to task the provincial governors of the 4 provinces with holding meetings to prepare for drought or flood situations, and developing the provinces into tourism destinations.

During the Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Yingluck also ordered the the Ministry of Commerce to quickly mend the problem of low prices of fruit, by means of holding OTOP fairs to help distribute the produce for all 77 provinces. Thailand Post Pcl. will also be used to help distribute fruit throughout the country through its postal system.



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