V for Vendetta Profiting from Thailand

The demands for “V for Vendetta” are making heads spin as orders for the masks exchange hands with a small cult following.

Bangkok has an endless source of politicians using every waking moment to demonstrate and for the past few weeks, the Guy Fawkes masks are sold in scattering locations in this capital city of Thailand.

Despite the chants of lack of democracy in the country by these small groups, it is evident from their presence in public areas that they have not been stopped by the Government in exercising their right to their freedom of assembly.

There are no bullets, no army, no tanks and obviously no Government officials ordering a crackdown, in which millions saw in 2010.

There are positive changes to the freedom of assembly after 2011, which saw Abhisit of the Democrat Party losing his position as Prime Minister of Thailand to the large support of Yingluck Shinawatra.

Guy Fawkes white masks are worn by royalists and supporters of the Democrat Party to keep the flames of hatred alive. These small rallies are simply anti-Thaksin in nature, a boggeyman reputation created by the opposition to distract from national fundamental issues.

Thailand Guy Fawkes

The hatred for one man, who is self-exiled, is too strong that the Elites are more than determined to keep Thailand is a political predicament – that is feeding the rich and robbing the poor in broad daylight.

So while a few hundreds stage gatherings in public areas to demonstrate against one man, they shamelessly neglect to fight for the disadvantaged in their city and the rights of the masses in the other provinces.

Hiding behind a white mask does not hide their selfish authoritarian mind. Someone is profiting at this distraction.

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