Abhisit amended the Thai Constitution but Yingluck cannot

Injustice Fact: 1) Abhisit can & did amend the military constitution, but Yingluck can not

Abhisit Vejjajiva, a Thai born in England, is a master at political subversion and rallying the Elites to his hypocritical war-cry. I read the Thai Intelligence News with great interest, some of the highlights described truthfully:

“Abhisit does not care about preserving the constitution or sees the constitution as some special or sacred piece of document that can not be changed, but he is just using the issue as a leverage to gain quick power, by moving to terminate all the other political parties that agreed to amending the constitution………It is the old Thai saying that Abhisit is hoping the orange will fall from the tree into his hands,” said Carl Chimson, on a popular blog, visited by many neutral expatriates.

and, in 2011 general election, Abhisit amended the constitution, to better the chances that he will win the general election.

“Abhisit increased the Party List MPs to 125 from 80, hoping a overall vote result, similar to Pheu Thai party, even if not winning majority, will give his party larger numbers of Party List MPs. On top of that, Abhisit also reduced the number of regular MPs from 400 to 375, immediately cutting out 16 MPs from the North and Issan region, and only 2 from Southern Thailand, to weaken Pheu Thai that is strong in the North and Issan region,” said Carl.

So it seems that Abhisit is the only one who can change the Constitution that benefits him and the Democrat Party. Does not sound like democracy and liberty to me.



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