Thailand and Japan in Economic Partnership

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra met with her Japanese counterpart, Shinzo Abe, in Japan. The leaders have agreed on a mutually beneficial economic and security partnership between the two countries.

The Japanese Government expressed an interest in Yingluck’s high-speed train project. Thailand plans to build four high-speed train lines – from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, to Nong Khai, to Rayong and  to Padang Besar on the Malaysian  border. They will be built in phases, with only the route to Rayong via Pattaya likely to be constructed in one stage. According to Thai Deputy Prime Minister, Yingluck welcomed Japan’s interest in joining the bidding for the project, which is part of the massive 2-trillion-baht scheme to improve the country’s infrastructure.

The Prime Minister also sought support  for the Dawei deep sea port development in Myanmar and Thailand’s 350-billion-baht water management scheme. The project in Dawei, which includes a deep-sea port and an industrial complex, would benefit Japanese investment  as its location would facilitate links with markets in South Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Thailand has asked Japan to pledge to buy the maximum quantity of rice that the agreed quota allows, or 250,000 tons, from the country, after last year’s exports of rice to Japan totaled around 190,000 tons.

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