Anti-RedShirt Foreigners Do Not Know About Democracy

The Pheu Thai Party has repeated its call for Democrat leader Abhisit Vejjajiva to take responsibility for the violent end to the red-shirt protests in 2010.

The third anniversary of the May 19 crackdown is an emotional time for those who lost a loved one and the people who were injured by sniper bullets.

Anti-RedShirt foreigners (farangs) have repeatedly blamed the demonstrators who came from most parts of Thailand into their amusement part called Bangkok.

I find it strange that foreigners who come from first world nations in the West condemn the red-shirts for staging a peaceful demonstration which subsequently turned violent when Abhisit ordered the army to neutralize the demonstrators.

Obviously anti-RedShirt farangs are heavy-handed and bias with their support, calling the red-shirts “buffalo” and “village morons.” They have negated the evidence that these “village” people were killed, tortured and interrogated in a very cruel manner.

Some citizens of western nations who come to Bangkok are only interested in their sadistic self-absorbed amusements. They brag about human rights, liberty and democracy. They think red-shirts are backward people who have no right at freedom of expression and deciding for their future in a democratic process.

It seems to me, these anti-RedShirt farangs pick and choose who they want to bestow upon their “developed” versions of democracy.

The yellow-shirts, a group of neo-fascist Thais, believe in the 2006 military coup which saw the removal of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. They supported the drafting of an army-sponsored Constitution in 2007 which had no participation by the majority.

The yellow-shirts are privileged, educated and rich elites. They covered the farangs with lies and hate against the poor Thais.

That is why until now, anti-redshirt farangs prefer to ignore the deaths of the demonstrators and human rights violation committed by the army. By their actions, these group have sided with tyranny and degrading the democratic rights of Thais. Only because the “buffalo” are envisioned to be confined in the farms and only the super rich should be in Bangkok, their playground of hypocritical amusement.


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