Thai Spring Movement Against the Thai Institution

A prominent retired police general and an outspoken ex-senator launched a web page yesterday to mobilize an online campaign against the Yingluck Shinawatra Government.

The duo, Pol Gen Vasit Dejkunjorn and former senator Kaewsun Atibhodi, supported by an ICT team in their Bangkok “war room” are funded by a small collation of disgruntled members of the “Yellow Shirt” movement.

The former deputy chief, Vasit, felt that anti-Yingluck movement “had many weapons to fight them” and the expression on the internet was one of those ways.

In the meantime, Kaewsun felt that even though Yingluck’s Government was properly appointed under Royal Command of His Majesty the King and democratic election victory in 2011, the former senator was determined to show resistance against the Government.

The website “Thai Spring” movement is designed to rebel against the Institution of Thailand and install their own leaders, possibly from the Democrat Party, to take over rulership.

Kaewsun also rejected Yingluck’s speech about democracy and human rights (during her visit to Mongolia) as he felt Prime Minister should not express the historical facts to the international community.


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