Rejecting Anti-Democratic Regime

Components of an anti-democratic regime is not only visible but thriving in Thailand. There are still many pockets of neo-fascism and Thais wanting a feudal-style political arena.

These factions are primarily holed in Bangkok and scattering influences outside of Thailand.

Their anti-democracy beliefs are championed by their leaders, many who are very influential corporate captains who are in the property and media sectors. To them it is not about the “rule of the majority” or governance by a democratic process. They find it necessary to integrate political elitism for the glory of what they perceived as vital for Thailand’s development – themselves.

Within that context, they believe that the majority do not understand “democracy” and that must be rejected.

Projects that will benefit our people, such as the train-link into other parts of Thailand have been rejected by anti-democratic forces. This includes the One-Child-Per-Tablet educational program that aims to bridging the future-gap between the poor and rich.

When we Thais have a chance to improve quality of life for the disadvantaged, these anti-democratic individuals launch their attacks against the Government at every step of the way. The political elites do not want equality among the citizens of Thailand. They never did.

They disguise themselves as freedom defenders and advocates of liberty but their actions have stained their reputation.

If we reject their advances and we exercise our right to democracy, then we shall have a shining future for our people and liberty.

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