Deep South Thai Militants Targeting Children and Women

In the deep south, separatists militants are targeting children and women. I have read the same news in the foreign media.

For a long long time, separatists militants have subjected both Muslim and Buddhist Thais to a reign of terror. The militants execute Muslim Thais, accusing them of being informants to the authorities and systematically included the children and women of the victims.

The Buddhist Thais are killed or tortured for practicing a religion that is different than Islam, while being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The deep south militants have ignored the developments to the people. They choose to execute civilians in terrible ways. The Government must do more to ensure security for civilians in the provinces of Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat. One of the ways is to ensure that non-governmental organizations are allowed to operate in these troubled areas on humanitarian grounds and in order to strengthen human right values.

Children and adults from the civilian population need protection. The campaign of terror hurts social development initiatives, and this encourages radicalism.

It hurts me to read news over and over again that civilians, specially children, are the bullseye to the militants.

2 thoughts on “Deep South Thai Militants Targeting Children and Women

  1. Of course they are, they are terrorists. I feel there is some solution to be reached that will end this violence, though I can’t say what. That being said these groups need to be stopped.

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