Strengthening Flood Prevention Plans

Yingluck Shinawatra is ready to listen to certain group’s concerns to the THB530 billion flood prevention plans of the Government.

In response to groups planning to question or protest against the water, the Prime Minister is hopeful that in due process of consultation, the flood prevention plans will be further shaped for the betterment of the Thai people, foreign and local businesses, and a balance to the environment.

Yingluck greatest challenge in 2011 was the flood that severely affected the country and revamping the poorly initiated programs left by the former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.

In 2012, the Government conducted many rapid intervention of anti-flood programs that saw a huge positive reduction of the impact towards communities.

2 thoughts on “Strengthening Flood Prevention Plans

  1. Does this include plans to keep Bangkok from sinking as well? I heard that many Thai scientists are projecting that much of Bangkok will be under water in a decade or two. This of course would include many of the important historical and cultural sites.

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