Army-Sponsored 2007 Constitution of Thailand

Let us have a brief look at the Constitution.

1. In 2006, the army removed the then Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra from his elected position. The electoral process, that is based on a democratic system, was ignored by the army, the Democrat Party and the neo-fascists groups.

2. The initial drafting of the Constitution took place after the coup. It was sponsored by the army. There was no public rights in this matter.

3. The Thai people were never a party to the consultation process of the drafting or even the final stage. During this time, election process was negated and freedom of speech was restricted by the army.

4. The coup was already a serious blow to Thailand’s international and local credibility. The sudden emergence of a new constitution (endorsed by the army) in 2007 was a severe slap to the Thai people.

5. The Constitutional Court, which protects the essence of the Constitution 2007, is said to be the highest level of judges. The judges are not elected to their posts. Any remark that appears to be critical of their conduct or question their decisions are met with prosecution, such as “defamation” suits.

6. The Constitution is not written in stone. It is meant to be organic and grow with the needs of the Thai people and Institution as its prime focus.

7. Those who object to have the Constitution amended, such as members of the Democrats and their ally, the Yellow Shirts, are advocating the demise of democracy and human rights of all Thais.

8. The Government of the day is determined to see a gradual change to the Constitution. Its aim is to serve the people of Thailand. They are empowered to do so based on the age-old concept of democracy: “Rule by the Majority”

9. If the majority of Thais want to see changes to the Constitution, then in due process of democracy, shouldn’t we advocate for their rights?

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