Raising the Standard of Thailand’s Medical Hub

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Thursday presided over a meeting to discuss the Medical Hub policy, with an aim to integrate medical services of the Education and Public Health Ministries.

She said that work integration would promote clear strategies, simplify process, and facilitate budget management. The Prime Minister expressed her wish to see improvement in the nation’s medical capacity in both basic health services and expansion of the national health security system. She also pointed out the promotion of emergency medical service and health tourism, which form an integral part to make Thailand an excellence center in terms of medical hub.

Ms. Yingluck said the government has already laid down 4 preliminary goals in its Medical Hub development campaign: to become the center of full-cycle health promotion, to become the hub of spa-like service and health tourism, to create national excellence in medical research and development, and to be a hub of medical supplies as Thailand has abundance of herbs and other natural products to be used as raw materials.





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