Thai Patriots Network told to leave Sanam Luang

The Thai Patriots Network, which is a group of right-wing neo-fascists, is planning for a protests to disrupt the relations between Thailand and Cambodia. The protests for ownership of the Preah Vihear Temple (known as Phra Viharn by Thai people) is supported by the far right-wings of the Democrat Party and their ally, the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD).

It was reported that:

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has asked people who are gathering at Sanam Luang to protest against the Phra Viharn Temple case to leave the area before May 13, when the Royal Ploughing Ceremony will be held.

The politicians are now worried of the location of the initial gathering as the Royal Ploughing Ceremony is a significant event endorsed by the Palace.

Deputy Governor of Bangkok Pol. Gen. Atsawin Khwanmueang on Wednesday traveled to Sanam Luang to talk to Mr Somboon Thongburan, a former senator from Yasothon, who was leading supporters of the Thai Patriots Network in the protest against the consideration of the Phra Viharn Temple case by the International Court of Justice.

Yingluck’s Government is determined to protect national sovereignty through peaceful means, as the previous Prime Minister Abhisit had confronted Cambodia which resulted in a border conflict that lead to the displacement of hundreds of people and the lost of lives on both sides.


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