Thailand Dreams about Democracy for All

Over the decades, Thailand has gone through many many phases of ideological experimentation.

Sometimes it has worked and sometimes is has not.

Even though Thai society has experienced many civil unrest and neo-fascist growth, we are not without hope. The majority of us want to see peace through a system called democracy. But this is not easy.

Even democracy is struggling in many corners of the civilised modern world. Like many many examples, the system must be allowed to grow for it to be useful for the people. In Thailand, the system is not allowed to grow naturally in synergy with the wishes of the many.

What causes democracy to falter in Thailand? Politicking among people who are entrusted by people. There is no spirit of reconciliation because political parties such as the Democrat Party is not willing to abandon their bogeyman syndrome of witchhunting Thaksin Shinawatra.

In fact their whole existence is based on their most hated enemy. Thaksin was undemocratically removed from his position as Prime Minister because the jealousy and insecurity of the political few.

Even now people who openly show support for Thaksin are condemned as corrupted and evil. Even in the same breath, the haters ignore the corruption of their own political party and groupings. Hypocritical attitude is common in Bangkok and this is very very sad.

How many more decades do we Thai people have to endure just to lay down the blocks of democracy? Every year to those who try are accused by the opposition, by the haters as traitors for having a dream to believe in democratic principles.

If we allow the Democrat Party to run the macro-aspect of the country, I fear they and the Yellow Shirts will want a quick return of political feudalism. This is a nightmare for the Thai majority and a place for profits for the few.

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