BMA neglects Health Care in Bangkok

Health care for the poor has been neglected in the city by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) who is responsible for the residents and the people living, working in all sectors. The BMA is empowered by its own funding and authority to ensure that everyone in the city-province have access to their basic rights.

But was reported, about tuberculosis among the poor, that:

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has sent out its medical team to Sanam Luang to check on homeless people and merchants, whose health conditions were found to be worrisome.

In fact this is a daily occurrence. BMA health care sectors have not functioned well for a population of more than 9 million people. It is not because the medical personnel are not trained. Rather it is the questionable method of disbursement of monies meant for the people. BMA has spent money for lavish celebrations and events that seem to cater to the business sectors and for themselves.

The last public concern was on exploding fire extinguishers and an increase of the skytrain BTS service fare. Before that it was the unfinished futsal stadium which cost the Bangkok tax payers millions, uncontrollable crime and murder cases and the floods.


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