Bangkok Police prepared for UDD rally at Constitutional Court

Bangkok Police prepared for UDD rally at Constitutional Court

The Metropolitan Police Bureau are ready to control the protesting crowd at the Constitutional Court, after the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) announced a plan to heighten its rally on Wednesday. 

Deputy Metropolitan Police chief Maj. Gen. Parinya Chansuriya revealed on Tuesday that 18 companies of police officers from the Metropolitan Police Bureau will be dispatched to the area surrounding the Constitutional Court to watch over the protesters. 

Maj. Gen. Parinya stated that the number of officers will be adjusted in accordance with the presence of the UDD demonstrators while the police will be constantly communicating with the rally leaders to make sure that the gathering will be peaceful. 

He added that the Metropolitan Police Bureau already asked the UDD protesters to send only a few representatives to submit a petition at the Parliament, in order to allow the police to efficiently carry out the peace-keeping operation. 

In addition, the Deputy Metropolitan Police chief said that no intelligence report has suggested any possible violent movement from the protesters and the anti-protest group. 

Concerning the security operation for the Constitutional judges, a number of patrol teams have been sent to the residents of all 9 judges, who have, so far, made no request for extra safety program.


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