We Become the Mythical Bogeyman

It is so hard for haters and members of the democrat party to abandon their bogeyman (an imaginary evil character of supernatural powers) campaign of Thaksin Shinawatra. In many ways, the cloud of Yellow Shirts and grasping old politicians see Thaksin as an opportunity to bring revival to their own political careers.

Someone who’s very popular on Twitter said via DM this morning that the Democrats are “avaricious and will do anything for money” But that doesn’t just go exclusively for the Democrats. It goes for all the political entities although according to the grapevine and DSI investigations, the Democrats are the most often associated with corrupted practises.

In spite of what is popularly known among Thai grapevines, the point is that Thai politicians and their supporters need ethics.

Set of principles of right conduct within the political parties are not sufficiently enforced as they have been known to cover up those who are wrong, for the sake of closing ranks.

The more Thai politicians react immorally to situations, the more our society will generate distrust. We then become the bogeyman of the future, where our children will imitate our folly.

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