Contempt and Hate Speech against Women in Thailand

The International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. This year the celebration was held on March 3, 2013.

But the rights of women continue to be mocked by chauvinistic attitudes of a small group of the Yellow Shirts over the past few years, and recently by a local newspaper cartoonist Chai Rachawat, or known as Somchai Katunyutanan, who called the Prime Minister Yingluck a prostitute.

The Yellow Shirts and some members of the Democrat Party seem to take delight in the social media uproar because they failed to reject Chai Rachawat’s ridicule of a Thai woman.

Until the men takes action to prove that they don’t condone Chai Rachawat’s message, they are allowing him to use the platform they provide in order to spread more hate speech against women.

The question also is why have the main non-governmental organizations and the feminist groups FAILED to condemned the hate speech? Why are they silent and evasive of the issue?

According to some sources, these bodies are in silent agreement with Chai Rachawat. They prefer to continue with the demonization of the Prime Minister because of their perceived political views about her.

Their silence contradict their moral duty to defend all women. Instead they pick and choose who they want to support. I condemn them for their association with hate speech. As we know, hate speech against women is violence against women.

A group of 16 Pheu Thai Party women MPs and party members earlier demanded that Mr Somchai apologise to the prime minister for what they called an inappropriate statement on the Facebook social media website. 
Mr Somchai, a political cartoonist for Thailand’s highest-circulation newspaper, Thai Rath, is known as a staunch opponent of the government and the Red Shirt activists.

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In the meantime, a group of demonstrators peacefully rallied in Bangkok to protest of Chai Rachawat and his hate speech of women.

2 thoughts on “Contempt and Hate Speech against Women in Thailand

  1. This seems a common tactic by all narrow minded men around the world. Attack women through sex? A cowards way and shows a lack of intelligence on their part.

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