Democrats and Neo-Fascists Condemn Yingluck’s Speech about Democracy and Human Rights

Democrats, people with ultra devotion to neo-fascism, Yellow Shirts and some reporters with extremist views are attacking Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra for her speech about democracy. Yingluck speech made in reference to democracy and human rights is available HERE.

The haters on Facebook and Twitter have called Yingluck a “whore” and placed her in the lowest rank as a “traitor” to the Thai people. The politicians favoring elitism as a way of life have also ridiculed the Prime Minister in harsh tones for her anti-coup statements. Ironically people siding with the high-society are abusively critical of Yingluck, as she won the 2011 national election with the support of the poor and the working class.

The fact: Yingluck and her Government have delivered to the majority of the Thai people, many living in the rural areas, in poverty and destitution. The Prime Minister has delivered her election campaign promises and the moving towards bridging the gap between the uneducated and the educated.

All this makes the rich and the Democrats jealous as they still want a lifestyle without democracy, tailored to their lifestyles that is confined only to Bangkok.

The haters, the Yellow Shirts, the Democrats and the neo-fascists are in full support of the 2006 military coup which saw an elected Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, removed from his position by an open show of dictatorship by the army. In 2006, democracy fell from grace, and Thailand was ruled by a military junta. The regime terminated a popular Constitution of 1997 which was produced through consultation with the Thai people, and the army installed a biased Constitution in 2007 favoring the elites. This is what Yingluck was saying, which is a fact of history, and the haters view her with such contempt that they gleefully called her a “whore.”

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