Landslide Victory for Yaowapa Wongsawat in Chiang Mai

Yaowapa Wongsawat, sister of Thailand’s Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, scored a landslide victory in Sunday’s by-election for MP of Chiang Mai city, running under the tickets of the ruling Puea Thai Party and defeating a woman arch-rival from the opposition Democrat Party.

According to officials of the Election Commission based in the Thai northern city, Yaowapa, won 70,181 votes, compared to only 21,979 votes for her contender, Kingkarn na Chiang Mai, the spouse of former cabinet member Tawatwong na Chiang Mai.

Yaowapa, a former leader of Wang Bua Baan ( Blooming-Lotus Palace) faction within a dissolved Thai Rak Thai party, will likely act as a leading government whip at parliament and coordinate legislative affairs of the 200-plus Puea Thai MPs while Yingluck will remain preoccupied with her running of the country at Government House.


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