Energy: Maintenance of Myanmar’s Yanada

Maintenance of Myanmar’s Yanada platform which supplies natural gas for power production to Thailand will be finished earlier than scheduled, according to a deputy governor of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT).

Thana Putarungsi said as of Monday, the repairs were 46 per cent complete while it was originally set at 44 per cent.

Natural gas will be delivered from the Yanada platform at midnight of April 13 and three power generating plants in Ratchaburi will be switched from fuel to natural gas on April 14 at 7 am.

Generating plants at Bangkok’s North and South will restart their engines on April 15 at 5 am.

Mr Thana said the Thai public and the private sector have fully cooperated in energy saving and yesterday’s power consumption was nearly 700 megawatts (MW) at the peak, which was below than an earlier forecast.

Yanada operator has planned to shut down another platform for maintenance in early May next year, he said, adding that the Thai authorities were negotiating to have it suspended during the Songkran holiday when overall power consumption is lower than normal.

Tuesday’s peak consumption was 25,226.30 MW at 2.30 pm, lower than the predicted 25,920 MW, while the highest temperature was 38 degrees Celsius.

Thailand’s highest electricity consumption is forecast to reach 28,000 MW next year, about 1,000 MW higher than this year. Private-owned small-scale power plants are expected to generate 1,200 MW next year.

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