Bangkok’s Fire Safety Failure

The Bangkok Metropolitan Council (BMC) has urged the City Hall to recall nearly 100,000 fire extinguishers it has distributed to various households following reports of explosion of the device.

Bangkok Metropolitan Councilor for Phasi Charoen area Sutha Nitiphanont said that last month residents in several districts have filed complaints against the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration for providing faulty fire extinguishers which had exploded in homes, causing property damage.

Households in Phasi Charoen first raised the alarm when their equipments exploded and propelled over a distance of 70 meters through the ceiling. Residents in Don Mueang, Dusit and Sai Mai reported a similar incidence.

The BMA’s disaster prevention unit agreed with the BMC that all of the 95,700 fire extinguishers distributed to households in Bangkok’s districts should be recalled and inspected by experts. The BMC is set to propose a probe on whether suppliers of these fire extinguishers breached any terms of contract with the BMA.

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Terrified woman holding remnants of an extinguisher

Terrified woman holding remnants of an extinguisher

Fire extinguisher exploded

Fire extinguisher exploded

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