Korn Chatikavanji: The Thai Political Stooge

Korn Chatikavanji, a stooge for the Democrat Party. He has seen his political party’s share of nepotism and cronyism. It is expected that he and his political gremlins make character assassinations on Yingluck.  The puzzling issue is that despite Yingluck winning a majority in the 2011 election thanks to the trusts of the Thai people, the Democrats continue with their mud-slinging ways.

Korn is an elitist brat, a former investment banker, a millionaire with some unaccountable issues of personal transparency, a man who likes his cars, and who prefers to see the widening of the gap between the poor and the rich.

Korn has done nothing for the improvised people outside of Bangkok when he was the Finance Minister for his political master, Abhisit Vejjajiva. In fact the situation escalated so badly that the disadvantaged people booted out the Democrat Party in the last election.

Based on whats reported on the English and national news in Thailand, the Democrats miserably fail in ethical conduct. Instead they resort to inflammatory accusations and child-like behaviors. This is because of their upper class persona of contempt and sexist towards Thai women and people who truly represent the people.

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