Survey: Bangkok women are reluctant to undergo abortion

Survey: Bangkok women are reluctant to undergo abortion

A survey conducted by Abac Poll shows that many Bangkok women are reluctant to undergo an abortion.

The survey on abortion involved 626 women who are at least 20 years old, and was conducted in the capital from February and March, 2013.

56.8% of the respondents said they would be hesitant to have an abortion and would consult with their family members first, if doctors told them that they could suffer life-threatening complications. Meanwhile, 27% said they would still get an abortion despite the warning, while 16.2% said they would not obtain an abortion.

When asked whether modern medical technology was influencing their decision, 56.7%, said it heavily influenced them, while 34% said it did to some extent, and 5.7% said it would not influence them much.

ABAC Poll researcher Buntharee Isarangkura Na Ayudhaya said that in-depth interviews with the respondents showed that most would not take morality and ethics into consideration if they have to make an abortion decision.

She said they mainly based their decision on humanity and the fact that the lives inside them are their child. However, all of them agreed that abortion is an act of taking away a life and is a sin that will stick with a person forever.

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