Yingluck dispels rumor of upcoming Cabinet reshuffle

Yingluck dispels rumor of upcoming Cabinet reshuffle

The Prime Minister has turned down rumors, which suggested another round of Cabinet reshuffle is now on the horizon.

PM Yingluck Shinawatra said on Tuesday that there is no plan for a Cabinet shake-up being considered at the moment while promising to keep the public informed of such development when a decision is made.

The PM stated that any change to the Cabinet line-up requires thorough and careful consideration before a conclusion can be drawn.

When asked about the government’s pushing for amnesty law, Ms. Yingluck said the issue is the responsibility of the Legislative Branch and the chief whips of the government, the opposition and the Senate have already been asked to discuss the details of this widely-watched law.

The Premier also rejected claims that she has been pressured by former PM Thaksin Shinawatra for a speedy passing of the draft National Reconciliation Bill.

She asserted that reconciliation in a country requires more discussion and exchange of ideas among all related parties in order to identify the best and violence-free way out of the years-long conflicts, for the good of Thailand and its people.


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