Green Thailand: Save Energy and Promote Energy Efficiency

The Consumer Protection Network of Thailand accused the Government of having a hidden agenda. Yes we are at this stage again when groups that claim to represent Thai interest are loosely throwing accusation. According to sources, the consumer group believes that Yingluck’s Government intends to resurrect a plan to build a nuclear power plant in Thailand. They also think that the Government is using the recent call for power conservation as a future agenda to increase the electricity charges.

The Thai scientific circles and the Government acknowledges the challenge, and that current and future impacts of climate change is caused by the carbon emissions from uncontrollable burning of fossil fuels. Within recent memory the Japan earthquake in 2011 had caused a nuclear crisis and made an impact on global energy policies. Thailand believes in the value of clean energy sources. The Government has a strong policy on domestic energy resources. This is for self-reliance and to balance the demand of consumers.

Our country has a good foundation for a progressive renewable energy program but it is just not enough for the Government to lay policies and campaigns without the active involvement of non-governmental organizations and the corporate sector in environmental investments.

Energy prices will eventually increase. This is unavoidable, just like any nation, because energy is influenced by domestic, regional and global fundamentals. The Consumer Protection Network knows about this but refuses to share this critical piece of information to the public.

For your information, Yingluck’s Government has been promoting the use of alternative energy since 2011.

renewable energy in Thailand

Thailand’s situation is this: Myanmar Yanada has postponed their plans for maintenance on the gas pipelines. This in turn creates a power shortage. The Government of Thailand has informed the general public on the need to cut electricity use, that is in early April. Further more, our Energy Minister Pongsak Raktapongpaisarn said after meeting with energy officials that Total, the French operator of the Yanada field, had agreed to delay maintenance work on the pipeline, scheduled from the morning of April 4 to April 5, until April 14 as requested by Thailand. But Pongsak warned of a possible shortfall of electricity on April 5, especially in the afternoon when electricity consumption usually peaks to 26,300 megawatts.

According to Pongsak said the Government will take the opportunity offered by a possible power outage to launch a campaign encouraging people to save energy at all times and put use of bio-fuels and renewable energy. This is treated as top priority.

My advice to opposition party, disgruntled politicians and people from the Consumer Protection Network is to work with the Government in educating the public about the importance of renewable energy initiatives. Our people are tired of dramas and long speeches that seem to condemn every policy passed by the Government. If renewable energy is a priority for everyone then this is the time to work towards that achievable goal, and not to destroy the platform created by the Government.

You will find this video interesting. TQ for reading.


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